In a fertile ground for political careers, Brecht Heuchan took a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Florida State, an internship with the House Republican Campaign Committee, and turned it into a lengthy career as the founder of Contribution Link, a political data and fundraising company. Now, he faces the unparalleled pressure of sitting on a commission tasked with reviewing the constitution that governs the people of Florida.
Brecht is fluent in Floridian. When appointed by Governor Scott to serve on the Constitutional Review Committee that meets every 20 years, he said about receiving advice from the Governor, “the only real advice that the Governor gave me was, “Don’t let anything bad happen.” And of course the next question was, “Well what does that mean?” And he’ll say, “Well, you’ll know. You use your own judgment to make good decisions for the people of Florida.””
Most inspiring to Brecht are two political leaders in the Republican party: the first is Daniel Webster, the first Republican speaker of the house, with whom Brecht was able to work for six years. The other leader that Brecht admires is Florida’s outgoing governor, Governor Rick Scott, who gave Brecht perspective on the awesomeness and responsibility of the Office of Governor.