You probably know Representative Charlie Crist as the former governor of Florida, and as a current member of the US House of Representatives, representing Florida’s 13th district. What you probably didn’t know is that he served as the general counsel for minor league baseball right out of law school, although a career in politics would soon call to him. “I guess I probably should have seen the forecast though, because all through school, beginning with junior high school and earlier, I was involved in student government and did so all the way through law school. So that should have been a precursor for me that this would be the calling that I would answer.”
When asked how to run a successful campaign, Crist’s advice was simple: “Just be honest. Tell the people what you would like to try to accomplish for them if you are victorious, and honor that commitment, be as straightforward as you possibly can, and just stick to the things that are important and how you communicate with the people about what’s important to them, and listen.”
Crist is fluent in Floridian. As former governor, he’s impartial as to which parts of Florida he’s most fond of, preferring to appreciate the whole state. “You think about Florida, there’s not a bad place in her. Just about anywhere makes me pretty happy if I’m in Florida.”