When Eric Eikenberg graduated from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, he had little idea who Stoneman Douglas was, or that he would be walking in her boot-prints as an activist championing the Florida Everglades. Eikenberg began his position as the CEO of the Everglades Foundation in 2012 and has since been an unapologetic advocate for one of the most distinctly Floridian landmarks.

Eikenberg is fluent in Floridian. Whether it’s discussing the blue-green algae being discharged from the east and west sides of Lake Okeechobee, the pivotal function of the Everglades in cleaning the water of millions of South Floridians, or the two former Florida Governors that he had the chance to work closely with, Eikenberg seems to have found his calling in Florida. However, when Eric first moved to South Florida from New York, he saw so many Mets, Jets, and Giants colors that he says South Florida was like the sixth borough!

On this episode of Fluent in Floridian, SMPR CEO April Salter discusses with Eric Eikenberg the ties he has to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and Marjory Stoneman Douglas the advocate. They also dive into the effect of sugarcane production on water quality, the #NowOrNeverglades movement, and the long trek towards a more permanent solution to the issues in Florida’s water management.