In Panama City Beach, there’s a famous seafood restaurant called Capt. Anderson’s. Owned by the Patronis family since it opened, Capt. Anderson’s has been serving Panama City Beach as for just over fifty years. For Jimmy Patronis, clocking in at Capt. Anderson’s from the time he was a teenager helped prepare him for his current job as Florida’s Chief Financial Officer. “Up until I took the job as CFO, my brothers and I still clocked in and clocked out every day […] That was probably what taught us to be loyal to the business, understanding that it boils down to managing people, and taking care of the customer, and keeping the trains running on time.”
Patronis is fluent in Floridian. He appreciates the hard work and long hours that the state’s first responders put in order to keep its people safe. “I don’t think that people realize that most first responders and firemen and EMTS spend more time with their colleagues than they do their own family members, so the sacrifices that those men and women make every day, taking time away from their families in order to protect our families.”
When asked what he felt deserved more attention, Patronis mentioned Florida’s state parks. “Me just being passionate about living in the best state in the union, probably our state park system. State parks, I think they are destinations in their own right. I think there’s lots of opportunities to see what’s great about Florida by just touring our state parks, and we’ve got some fantastic ones […] Sometimes I just encourage our citizens, go grab a parks guide, and just go explore what Florida’s got to offer.”