Lucy Morgan is NOT your typical Florida retiree. A long-time veteran of the Florida journalism industry, Lucy has both reported news, as well as made news, while investigating corruption in law enforcement. The accolades are second to the stories she’s collected, not that a Pulitzer Prize or an induction into the Florida Women’s Hall of Fame and the Florida Newspaper Hall of Fame is anything to sneeze at, Morgan would probably equate these accomplishments to the prison sentence she received for protecting sources.
Morgan is fluent in Floridian. Morgan V. State made a splash in Florida, as well as national news. Morgan states “[Morgan V. State] made me instantly notorious, I guess you could say, and it made it kind of fun. It also gave me a reputation of someone who could keep quiet about where they got information. For years, I would call a law enforcement officer, lawyer, somebody in the state that I didn’t know to ask for information and when I said, “Hi, this is Lucy Morgan”, they would say, “As in Morgan v. State?” It helped me get information for many years by developing a reputation that I didn’t tell everything I knew about where I got information.”
Although the bill of rights guarantees a ‘free’ press, there is often a price to pay for investigative journalism, especially when the investigation is the sheriff’s department. While investigating in Pasco County, Morgan found her pool screen had been cut, and her four-year-old cat had been poisoned. Fortunately, the cat recovered and lived another 15 years, but Morgan counts it among her scariest stories.