A hopeful, hard-working, Boston-transplant, Philip Levine will be the first to say he wasn’t a ‘stellar student,’ instead, he would probably attribute his ascension to the upper echelon of Florida politics to his convictions and mentality of hard work. His background in politics and history have led him to ‘think big and act small,’ which is why when he saw paralysis on the part of Miami Beach legislature to address climate change, he took up the fight and ran for mayor.
Philip is fluent in Floridian. Although his stint at the U of F was brief, he does have valuable advice for students, “I always say, “Study what you would enjoy the most. Study what you would wake up in the morning and be excited to go to class. Because if you want to go into business, you don’t need a business degree. Matter of fact, I’ll give you a business degree right now. You buy something for a dollar, you sell it for two. You write it down, it’s called accounting. And it doesn’t make a difference which business you’re in.””
One innovative strategy that Levine employed during his campaign was his Living Room Speaking Tour. When he ran for mayor of Miami Beach, Levine knocked on over 6,000 doors, so in order to increase the efficiency, he has people invite over their friends and neighbors to talk with him about this issues in Florida. “They’re the ones that kind of give you your PhD on Florida,” he says.